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Adam M. Gissy, Sheriff  lcsoadamgissy@yahoo.com

117 Court Avenue
PO Box 150
Weston, WV 26452
Phone: 304-269-8251
FAX: 304-269-8251

The Sheriff of the County serves as the Treasurer of the county and collects all taxes levied by the county. The citizens of the county elect a Sheriff for a four year term. The sheriff may not serve more than two consecutive terms. The annual salary as set by code is $43,560.00 with additional compensation for tax collections not to exceed $15,000.00. The Sheriff is the chief Law Enforcement officer, charged with the responsibility of policing the county with the powers to arrest. To assist the Sheriff in his/her duties law enforcement deputies and legal process deputies are employed. The Sheriff’s duties, as Law Enforcement Official, include but are not limited to: